Are you finding life a struggle?

Has a personal situation left you feeling overwhelmed?

Could you do with some support to help you through a difficult time?

  •  You may be having relationship problems or have experienced the loss of someone close to you
  • You may feel depressed and unable to cope.
  • You may suffer from an eating disorder.
  • You may self harm.
  • You may be experiencing panic attacks and feeling of anxiety.
  • You may have suffered physical or mental abuse,
  • You maybe a carer under strain and with no one to turn to.
  • You may feel life is not worth living.
  • You may be struggling with your sexuality.
  • You may have suffered sexual abuse as a child.

Does this sound familiar? 

If so, it can be helpful to talk to a counsellor in order to explore these feelings and find ways forward that could enable you to make positive changes.